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About Us

“Growing up on the East Coast on a sailboat with my Dad, I have a deep affinity for the saltiness of the sea and the fruit it bears. During my travels I have discovered beautiful, high-quality fish in tins, jars, smoked, and of course amazing local and fresh seafood. Being a New Englander is almost synonymous with the briny taste of steamed clams, the salty ocean taste of lobsters perfectly cooked, the creaminess of a local oyster, and the natural sweetness of a Nantucket bay scallop. We are blessed to have such amazing seafood locally. I have long been fascinated by the many ways to enjoy these fruits of the sea. Hence, ‘Saltie Girl - reflects a way of life and a passion for eating nature’s bounty! I hope to bring all these" -Kathy Sidell

Our Team

a peson cooking food in a kitchen next to a window

Kathy Sidell

Captivated by the sea, blessed by the sun, and maybe a little rough around the edges, “Saltie” isn’t a flavor profile to Kathy Sidell, President and Culinarian of the MET Restaurant Group, it’s a way of life. “Saltie Girl,” her newest restaurant in Boston, MA focuses on globally sustainable iterations of fresh fish & seafood. Be it fried, sautéed, raw, house-potted, smoked, or in tins, this conscious curation is close to Sidell’s heart.

Kyle McClelland

Chef Kyle McClelland takes the helm in the Kitchen at Saltie Girl. His roots are in the Boston area having worked early in his career at such locations as The Federalist, Ambrosia on Huntington, The MFA, Ten Tables, Pigalle, Clio, and others before tenures at Topper's at The Wauwinet, Caviar Russe, and Prospect in New York.

“I’m truly excited to be working on Saltie Girl with Kathy. I feel like this is the kind of place that customers and chefs will want to eat at. Kathy’s attention to detail and love for both ingredients and technique makes us an excellent team for her newest project,” said Kyle McClelland.